The Hate Game - Haikyuu!! Fanfiction

The Hate Game - Haikyuu!! Fanfiction

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~Trashymama~ By IceMeringue Completed

Anzai Hikaru hates Oikawa Tooru more than anybody else (or so she thinks). He's childish, smug, overly-cheerful and annoyingly handsome. Hikaru is determined to make herself hate Oikawa and him her, but what if the game doesn't go the way Hikaru wants it to?

Disclaimer: This is a Haikyuu fanfiction. I repeat, FAN fiction. I do not own the anime or the manga, that belongs to Furudate Haruichi. I could never own something so fabulous. 

Cover art rightfully belongs to the artist. I do not claim it as my own and only the design is mine.

Miraii_chii Miraii_chii Mar 21
She's just like ,"No I'm not in love with trash, although he's my trash-I MEAN BOKE"
Mmm Why would you make it real? why do you give so mich attention for him? I think you just love him just in the beginning but you a tsundere
everyone had their opinion I guess *coughs* volleyball will always be better *coughs*
I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend this is an x reader cuz 56 chptrs like bruh.
Me: *squealing over picture of Oikawa*
                              Her: Makes disgusted face at me
                              Me: *coughs* I totally wasn't looking at a picture of Oikawa's as$!!! *runs away never to be seen again*
loves sleeping . would rather sleep .... MIN SUGA IS THAT YOU???