The Rubik's Cube Champ // l.s.

The Rubik's Cube Champ // l.s.

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[Larry Stylinson | Student-Teacher]

"Just give me the damn cube and we won't have any problems."

In which Louis has an obsession with his Rubik's Cube and also his teacher...

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brixrocky brixrocky Dec 05, 2017
i feel so proud bc rubiks cube is a hungarian invention and im hungarian yay
NoteDaSarcasm NoteDaSarcasm Jul 13, 2017
You are the cutest. I already love you and I barely started reading
Ok but.. are you harry, author? XD I mean.. or psychic .. with the Rubik cube and all , like at the beginning of Harry's tour 😂
iamwhocares iamwhocares Jan 04
We already have started that when the story actually haven't. Nd yeah, I comment all the time on stories. How else do you expect us to express our feelings. ??? Reading Larry 'stuffy-stuffs' would kill us if we don't get it through then and there.
HxrryLxuisLxve HxrryLxuisLxve Sep 18, 2017
You are the cutest damn thing on the earth....I love you already
knock knock
                              who’s there
                              the cow goes 
                              the cow goes who
                              no, the cow goes moo
                              Stooop Harry’s jokes are horrible, but he’s adorable