Guess Who Grew Up

Guess Who Grew Up

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Holly By ohheyitsholly Updated Jan 02, 2016

Hailey Sommers is a werewolf. But... her pack hates her. She is constantly picked on about her weight and her looks. 

The day before she turns 16, her mate (the soon-to-be-alpha) Hunter, rejects her. She can't bear the pain so she runs away. Soon, she comes across Half Moon territory and is attacked but she is saved and given permission to stay by the town's local pack Alpha, Jake. They become best friends and soon, she becomes part of the Half Moon Pack. She becomes the pack fighter, the third most important position in the pack. She ditches the glasses, gets an attitude and loses the weight and now? She's drop dead gorgeous. 

But something happens and she needs to go back to her old town, something she'd sworn she'd never do. Will Hailey stay strong? Or will she break? it possible to have more than one mate? Why does Hailey have feelings for two guys? Why is Hailey special? What makes her different?

Hailey's world is about to turn upside down, especially when she finds out that werewolves aren't the only 'mythical' creatures living amongst humans. 

Hailey's changed a lot in one year. And when she heads back to her town, she's not sure what she's going to do. But one thing's for sure, she has a few things to say to her old pack.

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Guess Who Grew Up.

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- - Jul 09, 2017
You should read "A rejected mate"by reghan99 and "From Rejection to Perfection" by FallenLove15.  The books are as good as yours
HopeShelton6 HopeShelton6 Apr 07, 2017
HansDear HansDear Apr 24, 2017
Love the story and the lip I shared it on  instagram the pic only
Timewasted111 Timewasted111 Nov 29, 2017
Wow i woupd have dlapped him so hard and beat him till he was dead
mybeautifulrain mybeautifulrain Mar 31, 2017
I already hate everyone in that town and its only the first chapter.
                              😡 how dare they
tomhollandyeet tomhollandyeet May 20, 2016
Hailey:'d rather listen to Sweatshirt 
                              (no offense to those who like the song)