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EnderloxXSky (Skylox/Smut)

EnderloxXSky (Skylox/Smut)

47.6K Reads 790 Votes 8 Part Story
Ren By DreamyKitty_FTW Updated Feb 14, 2015

A eighteen year old boy gets lured into a forest,he sees a portal in the distance and out of curiosity he goes in.What will happen. (This story does contain smut I would not recommend for younger viewers)
Cover art not owned by me it belongs to IceeDragon on Deviantart

SkylaDoesMC SkylaDoesMC Jan 02
NO NOT BB!!! Sorry I thought of balloon boy from five nights at freddys 2
-x-Br0k3n-x- -x-Br0k3n-x- Feb 27, 2016
Smut is always awkward reading when your dad/mom/siblings are in the room.
777malicemurderer 777malicemurderer May 16, 2016
roses are red
                              cactuses are prickly 
                              I have to say 
                              that escalated quickly
getopaint getopaint Nov 07, 2016
It's pretty good for a beginner, you should have seen my first smut *cringes so hard* oh god
Puppysister52 Puppysister52 Apr 06, 2016
Did anyone else imagine Balloon Boy's voice when you read that?
SweetestBiterTragedy SweetestBiterTragedy Apr 15, 2016
Mmmtatammhumyehm!!!! BUDDER!! OMAIGER OT BE DA BIDDER SURD!!