Come What May

Come What May

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Dover is an academic, one you'll catch studying history and his city and its people-but when he meets Cal, he realizes just how much he has left to learn and how little his degrees have taught him. Cal knows her money is running out, and she's convinced her time is, too. Can she maintain the mask she's so meticulously crafted, or will Dover challenge her in ways she never imagined?

Come What May is an adult fiction that explores everything from mental health to sexuality to finding that perfect work-life balance and being financially responsible. Dive in for a modern take on the classic tale of boy meets girl. 

***hi! L (your author) here. This is my first serious foray back into prose writing in well over a year. Please be patient: I'm using this story to help me get my writing mojo back. Thank you for all of your support ❤️

***one more thing! Please remember that my stories here are usually first drafts-some info may be inaccurate, and that's okay-should I decide to publish this in physical form, a lot more (professional) editing would go into it ☺️

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