Two Dads [editing]

Two Dads [editing]

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爆豪勝己 By fairytailkingdom Completed

an overwhelmed natsu dragneel bursts out hurtful words about lucy, who overheard this and feels heartbroken. she runs away and stumbles upon sting eucliffe in her time of healing. 

This is a story about Two Dads.  

[ RATED R for mature language and sexual content ]

[ lucy x sting x natsu ] 

[ also in the works of editing ]

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                              I just wanted to tell someone that Aquarius and sting have the same earring(s). Has no one noticed that!!??
                              It just HIT me
AnimeLover-FairyTail AnimeLover-FairyTail Jun 26, 2017
Me getting out of bed. Me walking up the stairs. Me all the time lmao
NaLuShipped NaLuShipped Jun 17, 2017
Me: *gets stands up from laying down in bed* agh I'm tired and out of breath time to lay back down and watch  Netflix and eat all day
                              Yeah that's how my summer usually goes
IICoSmIcII IICoSmIcII May 04, 2017
Awwww u love nalu by stinglu is just ygjhhfsfnhhjhsdguj you know?
surrender_at_20 surrender_at_20 May 31, 2017
Only reasons to ship Rowen :
                              They're the same age
                              They talked during that man parfume episode and he sacrificed himself
Nuntii_Mortis Nuntii_Mortis May 30, 2017
We all know that Gray's shirt is gonna come off after 2 seconds