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Kassidy Cote was tired of having to fight off loan sharks every time her and her family was late on a payment because every time they came around the either take something or beat up her father. And the person behind all this was none other than Chistofano Delunca, Mr. Mafia himself or The Devil reincarnated. He won't stop until somebody does something. So she goes and ask him for a job but what she got was WAY MORE BIGGER.

He was looking at me with a triumphant smile. Which I was itching to punch off his face. I have no way out of this. Either its my pride or my father's life. My father's life is way more important. I mean would take years to produce the money we needed to pay Mr. Delunca back. My family and I were already suffering. This all could be over in a month. No more scraping up to pay bills, I could go back to school.

I sighed, "When do we start?" I asked dropping my heels back onto the floor.

"Now." He stated simply.


He gave me a look that said if you back out now there will be some issues. "Come here Kassidy." I wanted to scream no but I know I had to do this for my family. So I walked back over to him. As soon as I was close to him his hands made their way to my waist and his thumbs started making small circles. "Are you on any birth control." I nodded my head."What kind?" He asked while his hands traveled their way to my butt and gave a squeeze. I would be lying if I said that it didn't feel good.

"Depo shot." He seemed to like my answer because he gave my backside another firm squeeze. This time I had to control myself and not moan. I guess that I didn't do a good job at keeping myself quiet because he smirked.

 "No need to keep quiet, we are alone and these walls are more padded than the Oval Office." He swiftly picked me up and sat me on the desk making my dress rise up. He stood between my parted thighs his hands rubbing dangerously close to my private are

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