Never Letting Go

Never Letting Go

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Kinoshita, Eru By animeloves1 Updated May 29

[Not Recommend For People. Under The Age Of 13]

"I'm leaving, whether you like it or not!"I yelled, pushing him off me. He growled, eyes black as midnight. 
"If you leave, I will find you." I laughed and looked at him straight in the eyes.
"You will never find me, if I'm mated to someone else." He punched the wall next to the door.
"You will not do such a thing, I will never let you out of this room Alex!" He said guarding the door.
"Watch me." I smirked as I jumped out of the window and sprinted into the woods. I ran hearing a howl of pain behind me.
"I'm never letting go Alexandra!" I heard him yell from a distance.
"I know you won't, but I will."

Alexandra lived her life hoping that she would never see a certain alpha that pranked and got her into trouble since she was little, but what she doesn't know is that particular alpha will never let her go, now that he finds out she's his mate.

BookBoss4 BookBoss4 Jun 19
Just from the summary you can tell this story has great potential so here it goes
I thought she was 16 but was taken when she was 12 and had been gone for 5 years which means she is 17
Who talks like that? That's awkward and no one would want to be friends with someone who thinks they have a "cool attitude"