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The Game Of Love (Kyoya x reader)

The Game Of Love (Kyoya x reader)

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TheNinjaNamedHanah By TheNinjaNamedHanah Updated Apr 05, 2015

(This is a Kyoya x reader story. It will have tons of lemon with it because bloody hell who doesn't love Kyoya lemon. But it is going to be an actual story.)
You are a class 2-A student who 
happens to be the second top student in your class. Who's the first? Well none other then Kyoya, your arch enemy.
If you had to describe Kyoya Ootori you would say he was an arrogant jerk who could once in a while be nice. But he was always hot. Even tho you hate him you have to admit it.
The two of you have a hot n cold and bad romance type of relationship but if that's how it has to be then fine. 
Let the games begin.

Psssssssh me? Fangirl?
                              *hides hulu history*
                              *hides phone*
                              *hides laptop*
                              *hides cospay gear*
                              *unhangz posters*
One_Dark_Chick One_Dark_Chick Jul 11, 2016
I don't care still an A I haven't ever posted attention in class I just look at what I copper from the board and figure out what to do... don't ask hit I get As cuts idek
littleMrsKillua littleMrsKillua Oct 04, 2016
I love that word.
                              KILLUA SAYS IT ALL THE TIME SO I LOVE IT
duhastrache duhastrache Aug 26, 2016
All I can think of now when I see the word baka is TsunderNoble, I regret my life choices which lead up to How to be Tsundere... 0-0 *le triggers Vietnam flashbacks* NO HARUHI DON'T GO IN THERE!
Shykairi Shykairi Jul 15, 2016
Me a fangirl? Yea right! You have no proof!
                              : hides Nico Di Angelo shrine:
                              : hides nico's aviator jacket:
                              No proof bish
VsSugaKookies VsSugaKookies Jul 29, 2016
Ah! The infamous emo corner. 
                              SHUT UP KYOYA!!! DONT BOSS ME AROUND!!! Just Kidding. I still Love You ❤✌