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Figuring out the Bad boy //  Shawn Mendes

Figuring out the Bad boy // Shawn Mendes

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ur queens By LongLiveIdiots Completed

" come you never tell me anything? I always have to ask when I want to know something.." 

"You can ask me anything, and I'll tell you."

"Why don't you tell me yourself?" 

"I want you to take the time to figure me out." He told me.

this is a shawn mendes fanfic so if she ends up with chris, i'm going inside this story and kill him
valentinamendesss valentinamendesss Jul 04, 2016
Hey that's my last name!!!😱😱😱😱😱❣❣❣😂😂😂
1-800-HotlineFangirl 1-800-HotlineFangirl Aug 26, 2015
Brooke is literally me when my friends tell me they like someone
wxnderxlxst wxnderxlxst Jul 19, 2015
that we'll  kiss for the first time or is that just me and my imagination
ChaoticClifford ChaoticClifford Apr 04, 2015
Isn't it spelled 'favorite?' Just curious, not correcting or hating