I  made a bet with the badboy

I made a bet with the badboy

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Omgdidyoureadthat By Omgdidyoureadthat Updated Sep 27, 2014

"You know that's easy,I mean,I can do that myself." I just ignored him ,if I reply to him I'm sure it'll cause a sene. "I mean ,being all quiet ,good grades,In the house all day." Just ignore him Sarah ,he'll go away.  "I can do it if I want to." He added ,Come on sarah don't look up from the paper ,he then leaned In and whispered "I can be a good boy." I laughed in his face "Yea,and I can be a bad girl." I said sarcastically ,way to ignore him Sarah I thought to myself.
"your'e on!" He said walking out the class .Wait he didn't catch my sarcasm,he thought this was a bet. 

My god!,I made a bet with the bad boy

                              Seriously though, HE'S TINY COMPARED TO MIGUEL
justyzane justyzane Jul 11
"Oh I'm sorry I don't think I made myself a glass of ur opinion."
Daleora Daleora 2 days ago
ugh, SOOOOOO manyy spelling mistakes and pronunciation problems here. It kinda makes me not wanna read it. Please update this with better  sentences and stuff. UGH
baemarjunior baemarjunior Apr 24, 2015
it's really good just like he said. when using dialogue do this
JoelleYeong JoelleYeong Apr 04, 2015
Heyy ur story is interesting so far, but just saying, ur grammar and and lack of punctuation makes it reall hard to read >~<
                              Could you edit it?