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Bad Boy Vs. Bad Girl

Bad Boy Vs. Bad Girl

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Just Deal With The Secrets By SecretsStayHere Updated Oct 17, 2016

The cliche novels based on, the good girl with the bad boy, or even the bad girl with the good boy.Yet, this isn't a cliche novel.
  Meet Alana Tara, the girl who's been banned from Canada, China, and Texas.The girl who's been kicked out of countless schools all over the world.The rich girl who has five lawyers that keep her out of juvenile jail, many, many times.The baddest of the bad.Now in the middle of January she transfers to J.W.N. high school.There she runs into the schools bad boy.
  Meet Mike Millers, the guy who's been to juvy seven times.The guy who's the leader of a small gang.The guy who takes shit from nobody.The guy with a deep secret.The guy who's the bad boy of J.W.N., high school.The worst guy possible.Mike so happens to have a run in with the infamous badass Alana Tara.
  That's how it all begins, both immediately declare war on each other.On Alana's first day of school she tells the whole school to pick a side.If they don't pick a side...She'll give them hell.

Why would you wear gold with all the silver and leather? Even bad girls have to have a fashion sense.
Child-Of-Space Child-Of-Space Nov 17, 2016
Rings can stay black jeans but ripped the heels are boots now the jacket can be army green and a different material no lip gloss no make up just chapstick guns and roses shirt and yeah that's it
booky23 booky23 Jan 30
To me your not really badass if your rich because then your money fixes your problems most of the time.
                              But that's just me
Swhedha Swhedha Mar 31, 2016
Dude that insult died 15 years ago, along with those threats
mybowDoesntgoinhair mybowDoesntgoinhair Sep 12, 2016
Yes, finally a badass girl that's actually badass not all "Tee-her! I broke a flower pop once."
Totsie_roll_hershey Totsie_roll_hershey Nov 06, 2015
Safe with me by Sam smith sounds perfect for this story to me