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Oi Oi! By Aworldalone798 Updated Mar 23, 2016

"So, how old are you?" He asked me while learning against the counter. 
"I'm 16." I answered. 
He smirked to himself and nodded his head.
"Well, I'll see you around." He said and winked.

___VANNAH___ ___VANNAH___ Oct 19, 2016
I needa come to that cinema bc America really dtfm😭 one drink is like 7 dollars😭
magdelenuhh magdelenuhh Aug 03, 2016
*let me just take this chance to insert the not so subtle, passive aggressive hint that I have daddy issues*
___VANNAH___ ___VANNAH___ Oct 19, 2016
😂I'm dead ... "oh I will" *just gonna walk behind these bushes and stalk you* 😳
balmainstyles balmainstyles Nov 07, 2016
hoe drinks at my cinema cost an arm and a leg..just for small size smh
Actually pedophiles are generally attracted to "prepubescent" children but yeah I guess he's still be considered one
Ayye_Caity Ayye_Caity Aug 05, 2016
If it was 1.50, then why did he pull out 3 bucks and exact change?