~(°-°~) Creepypasta Lemons (~°-°)~[FINISHED BOOK]

~(°-°~) Creepypasta Lemons (~°-°)~[FINISHED BOOK]

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Elyse Mizore By CreepsMcMizore Completed

A/N: These will be my first attempt at writing lemons, if you don't know Lemons are stories that have strong sexual content, most of the reason why i rated this R.... Also i may end up cussing a lot if you don't like that then don't read any further. These are to please the strange minds like mine in which we fantasize about our favorite creepypasta characters ^_^


~ReDucky out

Kind of reminds me of Juvia from Fairytail, don't know why though
Well everyone in real world is ugly and the guys I wanna sleep with are in anime or book land bitchhh
SamSquid SamSquid Sep 09
Man that's gonna be some awkward eye contact when this gets steamy
Fartsyay Fartsyay Sep 07
Is it bad that if anyone ever said this to me I would just go as dry as the Sahara dessert I hate that term make love *gags*
xXxXButtonsXxXx xXxXButtonsXxXx 3 days ago
So what you're saying Jeff is that... I shouldn't have done that?
Ah yes, because if I want a bit chest I gotta read smut. 
                              The only way I can no longer be the flat cheated person I am <3