~(°-°~) Creepypasta Lemons (~°-°)~[FINISHED BOOK]

~(°-°~) Creepypasta Lemons (~°-°)~[FINISHED BOOK]

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Elyse Mizore By ReDucky95 Completed

A/N: These will be my first attempt at writing lemons, if you don't know Lemons are stories that have strong sexual content, most of the reason why i rated this R.... Also i may end up cussing a lot if you don't like that then don't read any further. These are to please the strange minds like mine in which we fantasize about our favorite creepypasta characters ^_^


~ReDucky out

xoAdorableSatanxo xoAdorableSatanxo Nov 27, 2016
You interpret the slenderman role very well . be proud of your work cause i love it and i am not much of slenderman fangirl
Rainbow_Girl97 Rainbow_Girl97 Dec 23, 2016
Then why the hell are you standing there for?! TAKE ME ALREADY
JenzHart04 JenzHart04 Jan 10
Because my bias in Exo wouldnt notice me and Ben would probably drown you
JenzHart04 JenzHart04 Jan 10
You're going to make babies aka little slenders running around
redlikebl00d redlikebl00d Nov 02, 2016
Everyone is all like "so cute" and I'm all like did he say child pedo bear
Thin green laced bra. Hm. Mine are gigantic...you really need my permission to touch😎