~(°-°~) Creepypasta Lemons (~°-°)~[FINISHED BOOK]

~(°-°~) Creepypasta Lemons (~°-°)~[FINISHED BOOK]

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Elyse Mizore By ReDucky95 Completed

A/N: These will be my first attempt at writing lemons, if you don't know Lemons are stories that have strong sexual content, most of the reason why i rated this R.... Also i may end up cussing a lot if you don't like that then don't read any further. These are to please the strange minds like mine in which we fantasize about our favorite creepypasta characters ^_^


~ReDucky out

You interpret the slenderman role very well . be proud of your work cause i love it and i am not much of slenderman fangirl
                              Reality:Well,imma gonna been rape by him.Thank u so much*slow claps*
BB_Rox BB_Rox Oct 30
Because... Uh... Hey! Pancakes!.. Damn, that didn't work? RUN!!
Everyone is all like "so cute" and I'm all like did he say child pedo bear
Lou-Chan12 Lou-Chan12 Nov 14
*takes knive* Come here~
                              Jeff: HELL NAWWW!!! *runs*
                              Me: STAY HERE SENPAI!
I can think of something warm reader~chan is going to be drinking 😏😏