Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions

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F I G E N By ExplicitSilence Updated Mar 29

After growing up in an abusive home for too long Faye decides to pack her bags and leave, escaping to a city that never sleeps. Hoping for a better life she finds herself in the midst of a very dark world. 

A city that's run by gangs. 

While under captivity she runs into something more dangerous. Kaden, the devil himself, notorious leader of the Devils Advocates. He is known for being a heartless and ruthless monster. He does something no one would ever expect.

He saves her with cruel intentions.

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Beautiful cover by @-november

  • abduction
  • adventure
  • dark
  • desire
  • fervent
  • gangs
  • hate
  • heart
  • jealousy
  • kaden
  • kidnap
  • love
  • mysterious
  • mystery
  • obsession
  • passion
  • possessive
  • romance
  • sad
  • thriller
ephemeral_sonder ephemeral_sonder Apr 03, 2017
Not really. That's the point of editing (not to mention many, many drafts) -- many things are superfluous.
ExcusehMe ExcusehMe Aug 08, 2016
She's too nice. I would of killed him as he's sleeping. His big body ass
DazzlingDeva DazzlingDeva Jun 02, 2016
It is really an outstanding sentance......
                              So simple yet powerful and effective.
                              I could say that I am voting this chapter only for those lines at the end
citygirlsp1412 citygirlsp1412 Sep 08, 2016
So sad to think so many people esp. girls who run away from home got kidnapped and sold off, abused or got killed.  (human-trafficking)
- - Aug 29, 2016
Absolutely loved it! Your writing style is unique and that powerful sentence at the end really captivated me, looking forward to the rest of this book.
- - Oct 16, 2016
I'm glad she put up a fight, hate it when the girls immediately give up
                              this book sounds very interesting :)