The Lying Game

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UnshineRetards By UnshineRetards Updated 3 years ago
This contest is totally based on your choice, your job is to stay alive and be the last person standing whit the murderer, if your lucky you will be the last person standing. There are amazing prizes, but only 13 spots, are you ready to take the challenge? are you ready to stay alive?
Omg amazing start! I'll send my questions in asap! I want to see what happens :D
I was thinking that it might be to your advantage to separate the dialogue from the rest of the writing. Also the paragraphs were long. This is very original. It should be interesting to see how many players you can get. I'm game. Just stick me anywhere.
ahhh this is sooo good...but confusing haha sending my message now!!:)
This is a brilliant start... I am the one terrified of blood... well I am sending my message right away! 
                                    *fingers crossed* I don't want to die
Oh my god, this is so cool.. ill send my message right away!
@UnshineRetards  thanks for the offer but no thanks. I don't have time during the week to do it besides weekends. Sorry! If it was in the Sumer I might of.