Silent Agony

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AJ MILLER By AmalJMiller Updated 3 years ago
If you ever Lost a loved one, to death, to betrayal, or maybe to just life
    IF you ever got your heart broken to a million little pieces
    IF your soul ever cried a thousand and one cry 
    in silence
    with no one to hear you
    this Poem is for you ..
What an emotional poetry, I felt like I was the one who's broken... :'( I could almost feel her agony, to be left alone in this world by someone she truly loved. Death is the cruelist thing to separate two lovers apart. Good luck with the Attys, my friend. ;)
That was really sad (for the lack of better words). I liked how the one that gave him life was the one he 'killed'.
I loved this! I could feel the emotion, and darkness, and it brought tears to my eyes! Good luck in the attys! ^_^
loved it.....beautiful and very emotional!
                                    good luck for the attys :D
I loved this poem. It was so full of emotion. I have lost a love from the cruelty of time so this poem had a lot of meaning for me.
My poem competition closes tomorrow, you got in just in time! This is a very touching poem, my poem book, the heartbroken united is full of stories of lost love, wasted love and mainly heartbreak. Maybe you could take a look, your poem has gone on my favourites list ;)