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The Rejected Runt {REWRITING}

The Rejected Runt {REWRITING}

197K Reads 6.1K Votes 21 Part Story
Jennifer Gemclare By NightHart Updated Sep 07, 2016

Highest Ranking #76 in Werewolf, On the What's Hot list for a week.
Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was luck, but she just wasn't meant to be there. She had to leave, she had to go. Where? She didn't know. All she knew is that she should run away before she loses herself to them. To the monsters that resided in the pack she called home. The monsters she called family. So what if she was leaving her mate behind, so what if her sister's handprints were fresh around her neck. So what if a part of her just died? She had nothing to live for, no family to fall back on. She should have remained with Tyler, run away like he had planned. But her wolf wouldn't let her. So, maybe it was fate or maybe it was luck that when she woke up, she had a mate to call hers and a pack to call family. So maybe yes, fate and luck are one thing she finally understands. After all, she hasn't broken. Yet.
"I like this story... it had the usual clichés but you make them work..." -Mimiluv14
"Best story ever. I am crying so hard right now. I am crying." -kiss_mani13
"Love the story line." -lilmiss_anghe
"Really good, one of the best I have read." -Satar2
"gggaaahhhh lol so excited really like your book please update soon." -autumn50
You can check out the rewritten version in my works section.

Revy_Homra Revy_Homra May 19, 2015
FINALLY literall music to my ears this is the best im sick of the damn ex mates gettin bac with their abusers like really???
Fionalibby Fionalibby May 02, 2015
Hmmm just the sort of rejection story I like....I hate it when they all go back to their abusers, tormentors and mates that rejected them. It just does feel right since no one would want to even breath the same air as someone that has abused them or thought so lowly of them in the past.
Mysteriousgirl1998 Mysteriousgirl1998 Apr 30, 2015
My heart just fluttered. I'm looking forward to reading you book. :D
tobemrsmalfoy tobemrsmalfoy Mar 26, 2015
um what is the runt? sorry I'm basically a newbie in werewolf world here...
kitkats-and-twix kitkats-and-twix Mar 13, 2015
is there a first book because a prologue is what people put at the end of the book
NightHart NightHart Aug 31, 2014
@TaylorBlackburn oh wow... I read the whole PJO series in 5 days and I was on a trip meaning I was touring the whole day... #proudofthat