30 Days

30 Days

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treble ☆ By Clarinova Updated Sep 25, 2016

Gon Freecss only has thirty days left to live.

He has contracted a rare disease known as Pharadoxia, and there is no cure.

Even Leorio, the doctor, doesn't know how to help him.

Killua is completely devastated, of course. His best friend is going to die, and he can't do anything to save him.

So he is determined to make Gon's last days his best ones.

colorful_demons colorful_demons Dec 27, 2015
Ikr, same! I expected it to be all messy with food everywhere xD
colorful_demons colorful_demons Dec 27, 2015
I think of Oreo whenever I hear Leorio. Now i want an oreo :3
colorful_demons colorful_demons Dec 27, 2015
Same. I just sit in a corner and cry lol than my mom asks me why I'm crying and I just either point to the anime I was watching or the fanfic I'm reading.
KawaiiProductionsInc KawaiiProductionsInc Dec 02, 2015
Play video games go MLG on some people arguments and other sh#t
ButterflyOtaku ButterflyOtaku Nov 16, 2015
That's the first thing that came rei my mind when I hear Leorio
ChanelChocola ChanelChocola Nov 02, 2015
I didnt read yet and i know its gonna be a great fanfic but... im afraid im going to cry