30 Days

30 Days

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treble ☆ By Clarinova Updated Mar 15, 2015

Gon Freecss only has thirty days left to live.

He has contracted a rare disease known as Pharadoxia, and there is no cure.

Even Leorio, the doctor, doesn't know how to help him.

Killua is completely devastated, of course. His best friend is going to die, and he can't do anything to save him.

So he is determined to make Gon's last days his best ones.

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TenshiSamaKun TenshiSamaKun Jun 28, 2017
I never get outta bed, I'm not optimistic, and a don't do anything for no reason. 
                              Is Gon turning into a fangirl?!
_ImJustTrash_ _ImJustTrash_ Jun 03, 2016
I looked up pharadoxia when I read the description of the story and was mega confused about why a bunch of wattpad links popped up instead of viruses and medical junk XD
SpeckLeCloud SpeckLeCloud Mar 02, 2017
Killua: But doctor Werth.. He's worth it!
                              ....yeah.. I'll just leave after that... XD
colorful_demons colorful_demons Dec 27, 2015
T^T You better come up with something! This is Gon we're talking about!
may_sensei may_sensei Aug 06, 2015
That answers my question, now why does it sound so real to me but not you miss author of mi- I mean ours?
may_sensei may_sensei Aug 06, 2015
Well looks like killua is now an assassin again for giving gon some random cancer disease that I don't even know exists :) #WooHoo