His Dark Embrace

His Dark Embrace

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Emily By emilytwin Updated Jan 08

"Get on the bed... Now." His deep husky voice reached her ears, sending waves of desire up and down her spine.


"Oh, I'll get you Cora, and trust me. You're going to enjoy every second."

 There are two types of humans, those who submit and those who fight.  In a world where werewolves exist, humans are seen as sheep, weak and replaceable. Unless they had a mate. Dylan Grey is an alpha tormented by possession and consumed by the need to control. After his pack the Black Moon over run Europe they empowered themselves over humans along with the other packs which had conquered the world. Humans, they were now classed as the lowest of the low, even the Omegas held a higher title.

When Dylan finds his mate he wanted everything from her. Her first kiss. Her first touch. He wanted everything apart from one thing which meant more than the others, he wanted her love and he'd go crazy without it, unleashing his true beast.

Awkward_Ace Awkward_Ace Jul 05, 2016
I'm sorry if I'm being rude but in the last sentence it should be their. Again I'm sorry if I'm being rude.
ferngullyzzee ferngullyzzee Jun 14, 2016
Just started this book and so far I really love it! Very excited to read more!
It's sad but it was a good, to hurt him so bad so awfully for him to understand what he has done...
77gem77 77gem77 Jun 24, 2016
I am in pure awe! This story is SPECTACULAR! I hope more people read this story so it's brilliance can be spread! One day I hope to write as well as this author!!!
KessilyaG KessilyaG Jan 16
I just reread this story for like the 6th time. The whole powerful werewolf slave drivers vs. their daring if desperate human mates is interesting. I love how the big bad werewolves are so needy for their human mates who rightfully despise them. I'm looking forward to what will happen next.
CeeTheSpinster CeeTheSpinster May 31, 2016
Absoutely LOVED the description! I am already hooked (just by the summary) and I haven't even read the prologue yet! :)