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A Complicated Love Story - A DraMione Fan Fiction. [Editing]

A Complicated Love Story - A DraMione Fan Fiction. [Editing]

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Lee By Leedbookie Updated Jan 15, 2016

[Editing. Will be back in October 2017. Thank you for being so patient!]
  Hermione is back at Hogwarts with her friends for their 6th year. So far for her, it has been her worst year ever. With Harry excelling in potions class thanks to his 'Special Book' and Ron snogging Lavender Brown, Hermione feels she is really not that far from having an emotional breakdown. 
  When Harry tells her about his suspicions of Draco Malfoy being branded as a 'Death Eater' and doing a task given by He - Who - Must - Not - Be - Named, Hermione begins investigating and helping Harry find out the truth, but least does she know that destiny has something else planned for her.
  What will happen when these two most unlikely people - A Death Eater and The Epitome of A Good Girl - fall in love? What will be everyone's reactions? Will everyone accept their 'Complicated Love?' Or will they be rejected by their families and peers? 
  Not all Love Stories are meant to be perfect. Will their's be?
   - All Characters belong to J.K.Rowling. But I have all rights on the plot -
  - This was the first thing I ever published on Wattpad so it's terrible af. I am not sure when I will complete it either because I have no time right now and graduating is my priority -

arctcnegbourhood arctcnegbourhood Jan 16, 2016
When you are rereading this story after like a billon years xD
Mustache32201 Mustache32201 Oct 19, 2014
Haha, do ya mean the plot is, Mione? Lol cuz Mione sounds like my own? And.......yeah sorry I love puns I can't help myself.... *sheepish grin*
naweltoumi2015 naweltoumi2015 May 08, 2014
i didn't read the story yet but i feel that i'm about to love it
Leedbookie Leedbookie Apr 27, 2013
@manisrk sis.. :-* 
                              @pianomouse thank you and I will keep writing :D
Leedbookie Leedbookie Feb 24, 2013
@EliManson yeah sure... same for me if you like a chapter ...?
                              I'll be adding yours to my reading list...XD
EliManson EliManson Feb 24, 2013
@leedbookie Will do soon, love. x And I hope you can drop by on my fan fictions too and leave a comment? :) And vote? xx Thanks.