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In a corporate world, being career driven is a quality commendable by many. Yet, when you're a woman- that only wants to focus on that aspect of her life- the validity of your gender always comes into question. 

Eliza Kelly is one of those hardworking people who fought hard to get to where she is as a CIO of Bluestar Technologies. She never felt like less of a person because she hardly let her thoughts linger around marriage or children. She was a respected individual, but there was something about her not wanting to fulfill her "womanly duties" that mildly suppressed the micro-aggressions of her predominantly male environment. According to them, she was secretly strange, too uptight, or not a "normal" woman. However, when Eliza experiences an accidental pregnancy, from a short lived-tryst, she's faced with decisions she never planned to make. 

The difficult situation is not something Eliza can hide, and she can't deny the pressure surrounding what is expected of her the moment she was unwillingly reminded that she is a woman.

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Pabi_7 Pabi_7 Jul 26, 2017
I love the chapter and how it's written because it's hard to fid a well written book on watt pad. Anyway, it seems as though she's blaming the baby for the sudden arrive so now she's too angry at herself to love her baby. Honestly she's selfish but also sort of brave.
Aloesh Aloesh May 06, 2017
Wow!!!!!!!!!! I cant imagine being in her shoes! I think it is the hardest choice ever! I love this chapter!
Adatracy Adatracy Mar 30, 2017
Awww baby!!!
                              "There There" in Sheldon's voice
                              You just have to take the bull by the horn. The baby is here now, and I'm proud of you that you didn't send her for adoption, so you need to get your emotions in check and try to do better for you and your baby.
bushilaoshi bushilaoshi Jun 04, 2017
May be out of no where but I can't understand how mother's can put up their child for adoption....... Like you suffered for 9-10 months just to give it away?
Bitch_The_Door_ Bitch_The_Door_ Jan 07, 2017
God she's a horrible mother who doesn't want to keep their child and it's not like she's living a rough life 🙄😑
BookNerd570 BookNerd570 Mar 07, 2017
I wonder what is going on with Andrew and Eliza. It's sad that she's clearly not emotionally ready for a baby, and yet has one, she'll just have to work through her issues for the baby's sake!