365 Days (Oikawa x Reader)

365 Days (Oikawa x Reader)

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"No matter what happens, I'm definitely going to confess to Oikawa Tooru before graduation!"

For as long as (Full Name) remembers, she has been in love with Oikawa Tooru. At first, she is content with just being his best friend, alongside with Iwaizumi Hajime, as long as she gets to be by his side forever. Yet, as time passes, the urge to be more than just friends grows within her to the point she couldn't take it anymore and decides it's time to take actions.

With her final year in high school, (Name) is determined to confess her feelings to Oikawa before graduation. However, with volleyball being Oikawa's main priority and the tons of love confessions he gets every day, it is going to be a tough battle.

Even so, (Name) is not going to give up because it is now or never.