With All My Heart ♕ Kiingtong

With All My Heart ♕ Kiingtong

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Anna and Will have been best friends ever since they were in diapers. They've been through thick and thin together. But when Will takes Anna to Pax Prime, will they develop feelings for each other? Or will Anna have feeling for his other friend?


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Pffffffffffffffffffffft u are not related to the Dolan twins....... are u?
um the other song I would listen to in the shower is my mom screaming that I'm gonna be late for school -_- but that song is good!
FluffyMarshmellow785 FluffyMarshmellow785 Mar 09, 2017
Not to be mean or hate um that kinda ruins the mood um Kiingtong Will NEVER  say that sorry needed to  point that out
that_nerd_moose that_nerd_moose Apr 14, 2016
When I realize Lindsey is my name... Spelled the exact same way. Just saying, I love you right now for this
Grace_Rowland Grace_Rowland Jun 23, 2016
Ethan and gray Dolan  hey anyone Eles on multiple fan do Ms at once no just me ok...
his mom is gonna get them pax tickets.. i know it ahahha!
                              loving this at it's chapter 1 😂