Football Short Stories

Football Short Stories

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Have you ever had that feeling during a football match? 

That tingling sensation when your whole body is absorbed by the game, following each of the players' movements, looking into their formation, trying to anticipate their strategies...

That deep-rooted excitement when your favorite players step on the pitch... the simple sight of that kit that feels like a second skin, in that stadium that feels like home, with a team that has become family...

I'm sure a specific team just popped into your head didn't it? Or maybe a certain player?

Blaugrana, Merengue, Rojiblanco, Stripped, Bright Yellow, Fiery Red, Pale Azure, Royal Blue... out of all these colors, which one runs through your veins?

Either way, it all comes down to this 90-minute infinity. When everybody's hearts beats as one, all united to support one team that, with time, has become a part of us, something that defines us, and we couldn't be prouder of it.

How can you describe the feeling of seeing your team scoring a goal? That feeling that makes your chest swell with pride, when the overwhelming joy takes over the stress that had you biting on your nails until then.

So you can't help but jump up an down, not really caring who's watching, because for another countless time, you know that your team hasn't let you down. The mutual faith is still there and burns in your heart like wild fire.

And if that isn't something worth celebrating, then what is really?

That feeling, my dear, that majestic almighty feeling, is what football is all about.

Last Updated: September 2015  ✔

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propensity propensity May 30, 2015
thanks to Rey all I can associate with Thiago Silva now is his bum
jagielka jagielka May 09, 2015
@AlielaM YO I SEE MY NAME (just bc i'm supposed to be asleep doesn't mean i am ;))))))
zelladay zelladay May 09, 2015
:-) i read this a long time ago but i haven't voted, nor commented and i just wanted to say this was lovely leila!!!
FantasyGirl14 FantasyGirl14 Apr 11, 2015
Wow! I loved this so much, it was different, had a great concept and was easy to read. I can't help but acknowledge how this story is actually a period of several months, I just like how the characters take their time with their relationship!
Abby__Styles Abby__Styles Jan 11, 2015
oh my god!! This was so sweet and heartwarming! I am almost crying. I can feel the tears
Abby__Styles Abby__Styles Jan 11, 2015
can you please do a Messi one??!!! I am a huge fan of his! and you can do whatever you want with the story I just want a happy ending :) thank youuuuuu!!!!!!