Dominant With A Defiant Mate

Dominant With A Defiant Mate

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Tasha 😚😘 By ItsTashaa_ Updated Jun 27, 2016

"Get Away David" I scream as he grabbed my hair. A moan slipped out and I quickly cover my mouth with my hands. 

"I knew my mate had to be into this kinky shit" He said as he let go of my hair. I quickly turned around to hit him but Alpha Morgan came. 

"Fighting Again Clair?" He asked in a playfull tone. 

"No Sir. I was just showing David here what it feels like to get punched by a female" I said as I launched at him.

Clair Kelps Is a feisty Warewolf. Who Soon finds her mate and has true happiness until Her father finds her and thinks she betrayed him. How will this Shit End? No one will know until they read it.

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emilyisgrunge emilyisgrunge Feb 02, 2017
Are these American clothing or like just really high end fashion cause I was so confused .
LostGirl771 LostGirl771 Feb 16, 2017
"Living  room?" She says, I nod.   "Punishment?" I nod again. 
                              "The cane" nodding one last time, while the girls just laugh... I feel like a bitch but i love editing stuff.
Lukeimagines_ Lukeimagines_ Feb 02, 2017
Yeah are these American clothes cause nobody in Britain has ever worn things like this
hate_life hate_life Aug 17, 2015
Holy Sh!t... No one has ever used my name or spelled it like I do in a story. At first I thought I was going crazy. But I'm not it says Ashana.