Yes, Mr.Kim [On Hold]

Yes, Mr.Kim [On Hold]

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GG By Masquerade16 Updated May 02

C.W.B.A: The Criminals Well Being Academy. A place meant for purifying the sinners, mend the broken, turning the insane sane. 

A new law has passed down that those who have been announced as 'criminally insane' or a 'psychopath' at the age of 18 and below the age of 21 are forced to attend an academy in their region, where they will learn the ways of being disciplined, in hopes to sane their behavior.

On the outside, it seems like a regular academy with constant security guards separating young adults from killing each other and teachers with strict rules to teaching them the good path of life. From the inside, it's a whole dark world that they try to maintain hidden from society; where they force their students obedience through harsh treatment and torturous punishments if they misbehave.

One teacher specifically enjoys the blood horrors more than mosts in the academy, forcing fear and pain with his own personal sadistic methods on those who disobey him. And six, new, misbehaving student just so happens to be his favorite targets.

After all, they need to be taught a lesson.

And that is that they can't say no to Mr. Kim Taehyung.

- 18+
- No ships
- Psychological horror 
- Manipulation
- Sexual assault 
- Torture