How It's Said

How It's Said

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Katy By Knotphjtfenotpo Updated Oct 07, 2013

Annabelle first met Eric at his party. She first kissed him during a game at the party. Now? She owes him. 

Melissa is Anna's little sister, hurt and broken from her boyfriend's betrayal. When Melissa refuses to give "it" up he gets mad. Breaking up with her he spreads rumors around school of her being a slut. Becoming the new school slut has broken her spirit until she can barely make it through the day. 

Anna's father is a single Dad and she has spent her entire life looking after Melissa, now that she is nearly broken, Anna will do anything to make her better. When Melissa is suspended from getting in a fight, Anna doesn't know what to do. Melissa can't be homeschooled because there is no one to do it and she can't keep going on like this. 

That's where Eric comes in. He has a proprosition for her. Do what he says for 6 months and he'll get his little brother to get her unsuspended and to protect her for her remaining years of high school. Anna agrees. Will Anna and Eric always be at odds, or at the end of the six months will they never want to be apart again?

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