Trick Or Cheat?

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PENGUINS. By agentpenguin Updated 5 years ago
Gracie Alford just wants to have a clean start after her parents death, but every day she is reminded of how alone she is. Soon, someone special comes along, someone that can help her forget everything; even her own name.
    That someone is tall, dark and handsome, smart and funny but he also has secrets of his own. This makes a cut into they're relationship of how much he actually trusts Gracie; the love of his life, but his secrets aren't easy. They're not your usual "I have a hairy back", his secrets are big, bigger than you can ever imagine. Soon, he becomes a stranger as Gracie wonders how much he actually loves and trusts her. How can she relax in the arms of a stranger?
    Will he give up his secrets for Gracie? 
HERO ! just dropping by to see how much i have been reading :)
Wow this is great! You are a very talented author, I must read more! 
 I kept my word I read the first chapter and I think is very good and interesting so I'm off to next chapter...
                                    i think it would be hard for him to break up with his girlfriend seeing as he has imprinted with her. oh well, poor you :P
                                    good look in the vampire world and don't worry 
                                    you'll find your romeo soon enough ;)
                                    laterz :P
                                    i can make no promises
                                    he runs a tight schedule plus he is having
                                    'bella' issues so its no really up to me whether or no he turns you
                                    but i'll try and persuade him and if he can't do the job
                                    i'll speak to alice :P
where i'm from chicken is a cute nickname
                                    you want to be a vampire hmmm
                                    i'll go talk to my friend mr cullen
                                    he should be able to fit you in some time next week