Stop Seducing Me, Mr. Fuentes » (boyxboy)

Stop Seducing Me, Mr. Fuentes » (boyxboy)

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We all have thought one of our teachers was hot, but have any thought you were?

Kellin Quinn had never done anything risky. He did the same thing everyday - wake up, go to school, go home, go on the internet, and sleep. He had no friends and never had a boyfriend. This was his life, until a new English teacher was hired. He was young, funny, and strikingly handsome. Kellin takes a liking to his new teacher. Kellin's world gets flipped when the new teacher starts to make a move on him. 

Warning: This is nothing like High School Musical 

- Book One -

- Completed -

MatchesIntoWater MatchesIntoWater Aug 22, 2016
Where I live a teacher would get fired if it was found out that they saw any form of bullying take place and didn't report it which makes perfect sense
theskiesundertheseas theskiesundertheseas Nov 02, 2016
ItsBetterUnfabulous ItsBetterUnfabulous Nov 17, 2016
Oh wow I commented months ago! #rereading
                              Also that's the reason why fans get so mad when their babys get with someone! It messes with their daydreams😂
Jessica_HP Jessica_HP 4 days ago
the nurse at my school sucks so much ass. 
                              *breaks arm*
                              *gives you an ice pack
                              *say you feel like ur gonna throw up*
                              *gives you a cough drop*
avocado_cereal avocado_cereal Dec 24, 2016
This is the first kellic that vic is straight forward when he's a teacher. But I'm not complaining.
piercethe_shaelynn piercethe_shaelynn Nov 15, 2016
He was too sassy with the principal and was fxcking that one student, Frank.