For The Love Of A Curvy Girl

For The Love Of A Curvy Girl

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Nisha_Maire25 By Nisha_Maire25 Updated Jun 09, 2015

I will never be skinny. I will always be this way. Curvy. 

Amelia was never skinny. even as a little girl she was always on the bigger side. her mom and sisters hate her because she is curvy, or to the fat. But to Amelia and her father she is the effect size. Well that's what she says t your face. But foreal she hates it. She hates the way that she looks. She hates herself. At 24 with the height of being 5'1 and 195 pounds she not the type of person that most men want. So do, but most don't. But that was ok, she has now come the gasp that she would probably be single for the rest of her life. Well that was until she met this man. A man named Andrew West.


Andrew West was a very successful man. At the age of 25 he took over his fathers company and became the CEO of West Enterprise. He had it all the money, cars,  houses and boats but he was missing one thing. He was missing the love of his life. Andrew usually went for skinny twig females. But after walking into 'A & M Fashions' a high end clothing store he spy's the owner. A short curvy woman that embraced her curves and showed everyone that she was happy with the size she was. But one look in her eye and you could see that it was the exact opposite. But there as just something about her that he was pulled to. Maybe she was the one he has been waiting on fr his whole life. But is he ready to deal with her baggage and her broken heart. Well read on to find out.

bubblyangel2 bubblyangel2 Mar 15, 2016
I feel like that's why my mom is always so much more annoying to me and my brother... We're the only two with problems in the house. He has epilepsy and I'm overweight but only by a little bit
Pizzagirl-WA Pizzagirl-WA Apr 07, 2016
I know am Judging quickly but whatever. You know how they say embrace who you are. Your fat why not just say fat? Everybody is curvy somehow. Like instead making a new word for the word fat why not just change the definition and way people see it. Am not trying to be mean but I've self issues myself
GiaDureja GiaDureja Aug 10, 2016
I cant believe there are parents like that out there. They are rare, but the idea of a parent being hurtful and down right bitchhy to their kid makes everything seem wrong.
CassandraCampbell2 CassandraCampbell2 Mar 05, 2016
That's actually bad and she would be super skinny bc a 14 year old whose 5.6 is supposed to be 160 pounds so she would have to be like 231 pounds to bu really curvy/or "fat"
Can you pleas hurry up and kill her mother out of the book 😃
                              No seriously end her!😡
GiaDureja GiaDureja Aug 10, 2016
I dont know. I read too many romance books so I have this standard of romance set. Real guys dont cut it, sadly. Dont worry I got meat on me too. I am 5'0 i weight 130. Thats alot