War of the AngelsBook One: Daughter of Darkness

War of the AngelsBook One: Daughter of Darkness

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In the beginning, there wasn’t simply Heaven and Earth, regardless of what the scholars of Man had led the masses to believe. In the all expansive and infiniteness of space, and the countless universes, the Angels once played and called many planets home. They were Gods in their own minds, a perfect representation of the Creator, thus they were above all other creations.
The Creator loved each creation equally, dedicating a star to each and every one of them in the expansiveness of the Creator’s kingdom, and overlooked their haughty comparisons to the undeniable omnipotence of the Alpha and Omega.
That is, until competition for the Creator’s attention crawled out of the primordial slime.

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danaeayusso danaeayusso Sep 12, 2012
@mlareau It is a for sale book that i posted.
                              I wanted to give back to the fans on wattpad so i am giving them it for free.
mlareau mlareau Sep 12, 2012
I love this beginning, but I think I already have this book. Did you put up a download link on your Facebook or was that another one? I really can't remember. But I remember groaning when it ended, and wishing there was another one haha