A Short Destiel FanFiction

A Short Destiel FanFiction

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dean windchester was sit on a bench at on an empty stret. he was wiating for his love to arive. his lov was castiel the anal. they were dateing for a long tim now.

he fidled wiht his thumbs as heglanced aruond the area for him.

"hello daen." dean heard beside him, macking him jump in surpris. 

"jesus fukcing christ, casteil!" the human exclamed. "you need to at lest giv a sign that you are abotu to arive."

"i apoligize." cass said. dena shook it off. "so i got u a present for our date"

dean looked at the angle with a surprisd and shocked expreson on his face. he was surprised for the gift but shocked becose he said date

"d-date?" he sed in an asking tone. "we are not on a dtae. not this time."

castel lookd almoss sad. "oh." a few seconds passed. "i thot this was a do-over date for last tim." dean frown. that date was horible. hes not evn going to think abot it anymor.

"whats the gift?" dean ask, changing the subjeckt. cas pult the gift from out of nowher.

dean didnt nocite tha...