The Gamer Type (OHSHC yaoi sory}

The Gamer Type (OHSHC yaoi sory}

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Panda_Kyo By Panda_Kyo Updated Oct 22, 2016

Akiro's Pov

I cant believe it in this whole school there isnt one quiet place to study -.- 

"Three libraries and not one of them are quiet in this whole school" leave it to my twin Haruhi to read my mind and then say it outloud. Haruhi and I continue our quest for a quiet place to ''study'' more like her study and me sleep or play video games 

"Hm? Abandonded Music room you think it'll be quiet"Haruhi asks me but like always she has to use twin telepathy and read my mind aka me thinking that this is a wast of time and i just wanna sleep 

"Yeah i know Akiro but lets just try it" she says opening the door blinding us as rose petals come flying in

"Welcome" a group of boys say simultaniously 

"Oh its two guys"  

''Well thats rude. Hikaru,Kaoru i believe these young men in your class, arent they" a tall black haired guy with glasses says smirking 

"Yeah but they're really quiet so we dont know much about them"one of those annying twins who sit on either side of my sister sa...

tillyoftomorrow tillyoftomorrow Dec 01, 2016
Exactly 99,999,999,999 bc an average human has 100 billion brain cells and he has one
Dj_Master_Woolf Dj_Master_Woolf Nov 15, 2016
Which one would be the dead one thiugh.  😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 why fred. WHYYYYY
The sign of Wattpad is not grubby thank ya very much!! It is a powerful sign in which fan girls fan girl, fan boys fan boy and humans turn into paper fans!!
KieraWebb KieraWebb Dec 17, 2016
omg this soo reminds me of epic rap battles of anime with OHSHC and FREE battle
Rindoph Rindoph Jul 14, 2016
Sometimes I think Tama-chan is a single cell human cuz he be that stupid
finnknowles69 finnknowles69 Jul 29, 2016