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Sofia just turns 18 and is the only person left to try and help her mom. She soon finds out her mom is in serious debt to a drug lord, and when her mom goes ghost, Sofia is left to deal with the debt herself. She catches the eye of the up and coming Roddy Ricch, which turns her nightmare into hell.

Scene from the book:

As soon as the door shut and I flung off my heels and threw them out the window. I untied the stack of cash and took exactly $5500 and slid it in my bra. I could just take all that money.. what was it $100,000. I shook my head. I'm better than that. I don't need anymore bad karma. Plus he worked for that, I'm just taking a small bit to pay of Miguel. If I ever get the chance to pay him back I'll do it, even though it's such a small amount of money compared to what he got. I gotta keep my morals out here, because once I loose those, I loose my sanity, and everything else I haven't already lost. I put everything back into place. I turned around to climb out the window, but I was greeted by a handsome, brown skin guy.. and he did not look very happy. 

"Hey," I tried to sound calm, but he was staring right through me.
"take out what's in yo bra." that dude bird had walked in.
"Hey Roddy I see you found Sofia. I thought you guys would kick it."
Roddy looked at him, then me.
"take out what's in yo bra," he got really aggressive this time. I took out the money as tossed it on the bed next to us. 
Bird started loading his gun. 
"Damn Sofia, I really wish you hadn't done that. Such a shame, so much potential."
Oh my god I'm gonna die. Tears started to form in my eyes.
"Hold on Bird, I think I can handle her"
Roddy and Bird exchanged looks, then Bird walked out closing the door behind him.