The Benders

The Benders

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Chellybean By ChellybeanLovesFood Updated Aug 12, 2014

Upon being chased by a group of men who attacked and killed her entire family, Anastasia Lemont stumbles upon a large building secluded deep within the forbidden woods outside the city. Crossing the boundary line proves that the building is more than what meets the eye. It's a safe haven, for people with special abilities. A school, to be exact, where a race called the Benders train, learn, and survive within the walls. Crossing the line also proves that there is more to Anastasia than she thought.

She too is a Bender, one with very unique abilities that only she possess, making her a freak beyond the freaks. Regardless of the differences, they all need to survive against a race plotting to destroy them all. Together everyone must fight for their freedom to be what they are.

That is, being the Benders.

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