Black Silk (Book One)

Black Silk (Book One)

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Opal Lynn Abernathy By OpalLynnAbernathy Completed

Sophie has a destiny that she never knew she had. 
She is a Pure Blood, a type of Human Being whose family lineage has NEVER killed in any way. 

Ezra was the Alpha of the Luna Pack until he stepped down to become Beta after he lost his Semper Sodales, literally translating to, his Forever Soul Mate. He became the Physics teacher at a community college in Harmony, Georgia, staying on the down low...that was until he mated on his student Sophie and his world went to hell in hand basket. 

Cam is the infamous cheating ex boyfriend. But he has a secret that he's keeping from Sophie, one that somewhat makes up for his cheating ways. 

Charlee is the best friend. She dropped out of college to major in alcohol and men. However, she has a secret as well...

Jax is the insanely sexy Lit Teacher. An instant connection happens between Sophie and him and soon he' wormed his way into her life and into her heart. What his secret something that means life or death for the people that Sophie loves the most. 

Ryder is the man that Sophie never in a million years thought she would fall for. He's pure male, aggressive and controlling the complete opposite of Ezra. What Sophie believes is just carnal attraction turns into so much more. 

Julianne has been around for over 5000 years. She wasnt born she was made. She was cursed when she was young by her parents to never be able to love a man, and with this curse came the Touch of Acid, whom ever she touches burns. Julianne wants nothing more than to have her werewolf packs back on her side and to be able to touch people with out hurting them. And the only way to do so is to find her cure...which happens to be in the form of a 19 year old Pure Blood girl attending a college in Harmony. 

But every action has a consequence. And every cause an effect.

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Snowy_WolfDog Snowy_WolfDog Oct 25, 2017
Same as Str8ricos comment.
                              HOW THE HELL DID THIS BOOK COME UP WHEN I SEARCHED "WereWolf Lesbian" How...
Maha123 Maha123 Jan 09
Everyone commenting on his backside and then there's me wondering how to pronounce his surname....😂😂😂
vazsanam vazsanam Nov 05, 2017
okay this is the first book that i'm commenting before reading.. but the prologue was damn interesting and powerful!!
nordishahenry nordishahenry Sep 18, 2017
All I want to know is where this college is so I can have some hot teachers too
NightDrift_ NightDrift_ Mar 23, 2016
I love how she can afford to buy another mattresses and go to College 🙃
ConstanceHeartly ConstanceHeartly Sep 18, 2016
That would be me. 
                              *calmly shuts door* 
                              "Oh gods. Are you a shifter or a vampire or something?"