Mango Passion and The Male Species (EDITING)

Mango Passion and The Male Species (EDITING)

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"You want love?" he asks, pushing a strand of black hair off my forehead. 

"I don't know. I don't need some special kind of love.  I don't need someone to hold me and call me theirs. It would just be nice to have someone who would lie next to me at night and tell me I'm beautiful."

He laughs lightly. "Skipping the wild teenage years and heading straight for boring married couple, are you?"

"Sydney did make me get a"

I hear him laugh again but my eyes are getting droopy. 

"Tally?" he whispers, and I feel him climb in bed next to me and ever so lightly press his side against mine. 


He shifts his weight to his elbow and then his salt-water breath is on my neck. I could stay like this forever, wrapped up in a comforter with Aaron next to me.

His breath hitches. 

"You're beautiful."

begonepeasant begonepeasant Dec 18, 2016
I have yet to know you Aaron, but I can tell I'm gonna love you.
butthhhhhh butthhhhhh May 25, 2016
I have read the whole thing on another account a while back, and being the forgetful person I am forgot my user name. Regardless this is one of my fav not fan fic stories on watt pad. Tots mcgoats recommend
karlyg13 karlyg13 Jan 13, 2016
So my friend asked me to read this and when I looked it up there is a book with exact same title. Just thought I'd let you know :))
- - Dec 11, 2015
Awe, Aaron is so me right now. I love his character already!
JTheSadjpeg JTheSadjpeg Sep 13, 2015
The ship has sailed. It's not even a ship, itS a luxury cruise
LilithMayNot LilithMayNot Aug 29, 2015
I just wanted to tell you this is adorable and the writing is actually really beautiful I love it :)