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Two heroes become three, but against them are all the foes from your worst nightmares.  Their goal is to save a girl, but they end up forced to save a world.  From the depths of a dungeon, to the strange Isle of World's End, known simply as Chenga; Nirgalen, Simarl and Eylana Visharl, are thrown into a world of half-human creatures, and the twisting plots of the clan known only as the Kula-Mar.  Unsure of who they can trust, and whether they can even trust themselves, The Three have the whole world against them.

Amidst all this, there are rumours of a creature that travels only by night and snatches away the souls of the young and defenceless.  Fabled in legends, as the Wampyr, is the creature a vampire, is it what it seems, and does it even exist?

In a post-apocalyptic world of half-people and half-truths, there is some deeper meaning beginning to unfold.  Dark creatures from The Void begin to appear...deadly assassins from beyond the world we can see.  To defeat the creatures from The Void, the only choice is to travel through time itself.

Our heroes follow hints of Prophecies and a twisting trail of deceit, to unearth the truth and bring peace to a troubled world.   And so it is, that The Thief, The Trickster and the Angel come to face their demons... read on, to find yourself... in the world, or worlds, of Chenga.

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ColinSkinner2 ColinSkinner2 Oct 05, 2012
Hi Jess.  I'm glad you like the story.  As to the names, most are just made up...I'll be looking forward to reading more of your Haven of Shadows, too.  I'm liking the relationships in your story.
Ukegnome Ukegnome Sep 17, 2012
The world you describe feels real, I like the language, isn`t Deneb a star?