fifty shades of grey continued.

fifty shades of grey continued.

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Ryan Pazza By RyanPazza Updated Aug 08, 2014

Seeing as I enjoyed fifty shades so much I thought I'd write my own version of events geometer the book left off after Ana announces she is pregnant. Enjoy!!!!

Chapter one;

I woke with a jolt,I'm still tired,it must be early hours of the morning. I feel weak,it's still only early days of my pregnancy but I'm so tired and worn out. I glance around the room,it's dark and I can barely see a thing. I love over at my lovely caring kind and loving husband,he's fast asleep. He look so peaceful when sleeping.

I clamber out of bed trying to be as quiet as possible I am still getting pain in my ribs from hydes attack,I can't tell Christian he would insist on me being checked over but I know there is no point in fussing. I make my way to the kitchen I need a drink my throat feel dry and horrible. I pour myself a sneaky glass of wine. Wow Christian has been a nightmare about me drinking any amount of alcohol,but I know a drop won't hurt. 

I sit on the sofa and take a few moments to myself I do...

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