Daddy. - Larry Stylinson Fanfic [UNFINISHED]

Daddy. - Larry Stylinson Fanfic [UNFINISHED]

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❝"Oops." Says a boy walking out of the first stool, he accidentally hit Louis with the door.

Louis' about to make a sarcastic remark when his eyes land on the guy; curly brown hair, emerald green eyes looking at him like a lost puppy in the rain, light blush because of his embarrassment, and he's a few inches smaller than Louis.

"Hi." He says smiling. The boy shyly smiles back and his eyes travel down Louis' practically naked body; his tanned skin, his biceps, his toned stomach and legs. When his eyes meet Louis' the taller man grins and he blushes again.❞


This story is completely mine. Don't translate or publish here or in another website without my permission.

{Holiday Bromance Awards 2015 - 1st Place Winner in the Popular Larry categoy}

La voy a leer porque ya estoy entendiendo mas el inglés y me pareció interesante esta♥
Evykyu Evykyu Feb 02
Ohhhh de todo el parrafo solo entendí "louis siente una inexplicable atraccion" y todo lo demas se fue alv :v
-delerry -delerry Feb 26
está en inglés pero no importa bc i know english perfectly ah