VIRUS (Completed)

VIRUS (Completed)

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January 1, 2015. The day that the world changed forever. Following the aftermath of a deadly nuclear war between the United States and China, an odd airborne pathogen is discovered. Scientist scramble to uncover what this virus does and find that it is a virus like no other.

Once the virus starts to attack your body, you have exactly one year to live. A cure can't be found and the virus is spreading like wildfire. People are still recuperating from the nuclear war and find that there is nothing they can do to stop the virus. I was diagnosed with having the virus on January 1, 2015.

My birthday was on the first and so I had just turned eighteen. What a birthday present, getting such a deadly disease, or could it somehow turn into a good thing?

One year to live.

I had the virus.

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  • mutated
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Mireed01 Mireed01 Jan 18, 2017
This is really cool. I love it and i want to read more!!!!!!!!
imCyFi imCyFi Sep 08, 2015
Stories like this make me really wish that Hollywood would buy story ideas from authors on WattPad..this kicks ASS!! :D
jdoeko jdoeko Dec 16, 2014
Ew, gross, you're right. I haven't had the time to deeply edit this yet. Grrrr, lack of time.
SplendiferousBrian SplendiferousBrian Dec 15, 2014
I like the story so far! But, can you please fix this sentence. It's a bit off.
Elizabethlynn123456 Elizabethlynn123456 Aug 12, 2014
@craigklein107. wow a little harsh.. if we have to wait for anwsers you should to.
Celebrity01 Celebrity01 Aug 05, 2014
Wow this gets straight to the point and I like that! Slightly nervous for Max which is a good thing!