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Dark Sanctuary: Book One in The Dark Sanctuary series (ORIGINAL DRAFT)

Dark Sanctuary: Book One in The Dark Sanctuary series (ORIGINAL DRAFT)

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Lindsey Clarke By LittleCinnamon Completed

Sarah is a girl with problems.

Her house is grey, has no TV and most of her furniture was inherited from the house's previous owner and smells of lavender. Oh and people have a tendency to die around her.

Now, to top it off, someone has had the audacity to break in through her upstairs bedroom window. Someone who can run so fast she can barely see him and who can scale the walls without needing a ladder. Only this isn't Superman who has come to pay a visit. This guy is a Hell of a lot more dangerous than that and doesn't wear a red cape.

Sarah Jacobs has never been just an ordinary girl.

Growing up in a suburban English town, life should have been all about skipping gym class, boy bands and hanging out with her friends. Instead she has always known that life was much darker than that.

On one fateful day, when she is fourteen years old, the darkness finally catches up with her during a chance meeting down an unlit country lane with someone who makes her hair stand on end and her skin buzz with a weird prickling sensation.

Plagued with an unwanted gift that brings her nothing but trouble, Sarah spirals from one awful, blood splattered situation to the next until she finally decides to incarcerate herself in a little grey cottage out in the snow-drenched woods where she can't bring death to anyone's door.

But it was only a matter of time before death came a-knocking on hers....

JoannaHiddleston223 JoannaHiddleston223 Apr 02, 2016
I haven't finished The WhiteChapel Chronicles yet but nevertheless, sooo excited to embark on another adventure!!!!
hisheeen hisheeen Aug 25, 2016
WELP.  Guess i'll start re-reading this series, I enjoy it all too much.
rajesindhu rajesindhu May 18, 2016
My friend recommended this story.I'm really excited to read this .
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 21, 2015
First-rate writing. The pacing was on point. There's so much here. I could really see the scenes come alive.
-DeathSlayer- -DeathSlayer- Oct 08, 2015
I would love to read about this book and im sure it going to go very well
1hardlife 1hardlife Jun 21, 2015
Thank you so much for keeping me up at night.Lol. I needed a reason besides myself not to sleep anymore.