A Loser's Guide to Parties, Popularity and Ultimate Revenge

A Loser's Guide to Parties, Popularity and Ultimate Revenge

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Anabelle Anderson doesn't just want revenge. She wants an entire revolution. 


When 17-year-old Ana returns to her hometown for senior year, she vows to crush the powerful and dangerous clique that exiled her. Armed with a disguise and a step-by-step guide on waging social warfare, Ana sets out to overthrow the reigning monarchy of Irvine Falls High School and install a new social order -- one that puts her and the lower class on top. 

But when old enemies become new friends, and with the temptation of love and power dangled before her, Ana must carefully balance her own secrets and lies in order to carry out the perfect revolution. 

MEAN GIRLS meets PRETTY LITTLE LIARS meets INSATIABLE in a coming-of-age story about friendship, betrayal, and sweet, bloody revenge. 

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