A Giving Angel (Makoto Tachibana x reader)

A Giving Angel (Makoto Tachibana x reader)

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You are the new girl at school and it is a little hard making friends since you are shy. On your first day your neighbor Makoto walks you to school and the two of you become friends.

Makoto invites you to eat lunch with him and Haru on the roof. You meet the swim team and see the amazing pool. After that you start to develop feelings for Makoto. 

What will happen?

I have many friends, but I'm shy, socially awkward, happy, calm, kind……………and a fangirl
Me: is the sun up yet?
                              Kate: *looks out the window* nope.
                              Me: THEN DONT WAKE ME UP
Black hair...blue eyes...where have I seen some one like that before...
I am Lockser Azura, and you can call me thatonegirlwhohatesheroldersis
Be like 'he doesn't like me'
                              But then find out its his way of saying hello!
kaiwi1 kaiwi1 Nov 03
Take you the he WAS supposed to shake
                              Flick it up
                              And turn it into a middle finger😎😎