13 Reasons why/ Hannah/ Clay/ Monty (Wattys2020)

13 Reasons why/ Hannah/ Clay/ Monty (Wattys2020)

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Anshika Sahu By klarolinefan11 Updated 6 days ago

"It has been long, Jenson," Hannah stated. "Not long enough to forget what you and your friends did." He replied, his voice cold. 

Clay Jenson, a guy who unfortunately became the victim of Hannah and her friend's bullying. So when his father decides to move out of the town, he was happy. But after two years, when he returned unwillingly, he clashes back with Hannah and her friends only this time ready to rat them out.

Talking about Hannah, a bold, outspoken, prankster ends up having some bad time with Clay which led her to hate him passionately but she started to intervene in his life again after discovering some unusual things about him.

Her quest was aided by Montgomery, his closest best friend along with Justin, Jessica, and Alex. 

Little did they knew that it wasn't easy. Drama, fun, love triangle, school rivalry and what not. 

Important note: The book's primary establishment is that it doesn't just focus on the main character. Supporting character has a full-fledged story and it will be directly narrated. So you will get to read, Hannah, Clay, Monty, Justin, Jessica, Alex, Jeff, Chloe, etc storylines in one book. 

Started on: 6 January 2020

Readers review: 

1. tatiaisbae : Love Monty as Hannah's friend. 

2. C_ROCKER31 : This story's really good so far. I love the different takes on the character as well as the plot. I can't wait to see what will happen next and the things will play out as the story goes (:

3. 1775rik:  flooded my comment section with lots and lots of theories a

4.CpppppppppXSENTINO: In love with this story. This is literally my favorite 13rw story on wattpad.

5. HollyOuimette: love it! 

6. francescajustin : (my favorite one reader, she messages me daily to remind me to update. Ha! I feel 100× times more motivated) 

Thanks all.