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A Flirtationship // (Editing)

A Flirtationship // (Editing)

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Shreya Pandey By xShreyaPandeyx Completed

He's the attractive football player with a penchant for stealing girls' hearts. She's his socially awkward best friend who's fluent in sarcasm. They share a relationship that is difficult to define. After all, which pair of best friends spend half their time flirting with each other, and the other half getting on each other's nerves? They do. They've always been in this blissful middle stage where everything is exhilarating, yet at the same time perplexing.

Scarlett is used to his womanizing ways, and seeing him with a new girl every week doesn't really bother her. But then, Aiden lands himself a serious girlfriend, and she's everything that Scarlett isn't. Suddenly bombarded with a bunch of feelings she hasn't encountered before, Scarlett realizes she might just be falling for her best friend. She knows she's in trouble.

Aiden knows he's in trouble when he finds himself getting attracted to none other than his best friend, Scarlett. Now that he finally has a girlfriend to call his own, everything had seemed to be going in the right direction. Well, up until these feelings made an entrance. Something is totally wrong with him and everything he's feeling. He knows he must stop before things get out of hand.

But things do get out of hand. Very. And before long these two best friends find themselves in the midst of lots of drama; from stolen kisses, to painful heart-breaks; from unwanted jealousy, to passionate feelings; Add a lot of parties, drunken confessions, misconceptions, arguments, and oh, kissing (lots of it);throw a bitch-ass girlfriend and one of the school's womanizer and you get a story that is one hell of a roller coaster ride.

I used to be a big fan of her but then I discovered Shawn Mendes and was like ' bye bitch hello hottie '
Fanroder Fanroder 21 hours ago
I am NOT any of these... I love Myself, and I am proud of Myself...
purplesammie3 purplesammie3 5 days ago
I literally started crying, thank you for this I needed this.
Lexie_Schmidt Lexie_Schmidt 3 days ago
Thanks for the luck, I'm going to need it for the Winter Formal tomorrow😘
esthercisram esthercisram a day ago
Although not the book has not even started, I am already starting to feel a connection. I love it already. Thank you so, so, so, much for the dedication.
Sue_Doe_Nim Sue_Doe_Nim a day ago
FUN FACT: The best relationships are when everything is comfortable Aiden ;)