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The Wolves Are Among Us

The Wolves Are Among Us

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Phoenix Rose By Wolf-Hunter Completed

Silver Fang, Book 1


"Skylar, how old are you today?" Was all he said, still holding my gaze while his eyes grew darker with each passing second.

I swallowed and answered him tentatively. "Eighteen." Raising an eyebrow, I tilted my head to the side. "Why?"

Ryder didn't answer, but seemed to gaze deeper into my eyes, transfixed by whatever he saw in them. I could hear a rumbling sound coming from him, and I could feel the vibrations run up my arm, through my shoulders, and into my chest. They settled into my heart, causing the repetitious beats to speed up, and the butterflies in my stomach stirred restlessly.

I could hear a voice in the back of my mind screaming one, simple word over and over again, as happily as they could. For some reason, that one word caused a quiet, animalistic growl to form in my chest.


Skylar Marie Cox is a normal high school girl, living out her days in boredom. When her parents suddenly up and move, taking her with them, she finds herself on the other side of the country, over 3,000 miles away from her friends. The first day she starts school in this new town is when everything starts to take a turn. 

A mysterious boy named Ryder Williams seems to give her all of his attention and she's confused as to why. She was just a normal girl. But when Ryder starts becoming protective of her after her eighteenth birthday, and growls the word "Mate," her life changes forever.

Skylar soon finds out that she's not human, that the wolves are among them, and that the life of a werewolf isn't as grand as she thought it would be. With the weight of being a Luna on her shoulders, and with the whole Zathuran army trying to bring her down, will Skylar be able to pull through? Or will the grief and stress tear her apart?

I'd have to leave for school in ten minutes if that were my alarm!
JohnBell824 JohnBell824 Feb 01
too bad she had to leave friends behind. she must not be a wolf.
Lolgirl2228 Lolgirl2228 Jul 19, 2016
I normally only read books that have millions of views. But this book caught my attention. You are truly a fantastic writer, and if you keep writing, I am positive you will make it one day. Love this book #rr
sweetlife1 sweetlife1 Mar 14, 2015
It was i nice chapter but it would have been better if she said a goodbye to her friends