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Minor Adventure(Editing)

Minor Adventure(Editing)

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Lilith By justanotherangelgirl Completed

I, Aimi Clarke, was sixteen years old when I moved to Blue Moon Pack with my older brother the summer after my first shift. I was the new kid in town, the new wolf, and the wild child. That’s all anyone ever saw me as just because I had blue tipped black hair, rode a motorcycle, and dressed like I was ready for battle.  I was everything a girl my age wasn’t supposed to be and people made sure I knew it. But under it all there was more to me but none took the time to figure it out. I never thought that the tragedies of my life could lead me down a road that I never thought about let alone wanted. I was always a fighter and defender of those I loved and for things I believed in but as life starts to show me new things, maybe it’s time I took a good hard look at what’s really worth fighting for and what’s worth loosing.

Wait, there's another way to pronounce Aimi? I was just saying it like Amy so what's the "correct" way?
Kids nowadays won't know what an iPod is anymore 😅😅😂😂😂
I LOVE the word *saucy* and NO ONE ever uses it.  Are you a Southern girl?  You have to be a Southern girl.
doggiesaremyfavorite doggiesaremyfavorite Dec 05, 2016
Just to let you know, you used this word in the last few paragraphs three times and it sound awkward. Not trying to be mean just trying to help.
MyChocolateAddiction MyChocolateAddiction Mar 09, 2016
Im so glad im not the only one with an obsession with having tons of pillows on my bed lol cause im pretty obsessed with them lol