Badboy's hired wife

Badboy's hired wife

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Meet Vincent Watson, the only heir of Watson Inc. An arrogant playboy that knows how to deal with every girls in their campus.

On the other hand, Isabelle Lauren is suffering a problem, she's pennyless. She's still studying because of her scholarship but nobody is supporting her.

One day, they will bump to each other and that will be the start of badboy hired wife.

Estefani_19 Estefani_19 5 days ago
 #rr 😍 i am in love with this story i honestly have lost track of how many times read this book
101blehbitch 101blehbitch 2 days ago
So basically you walk up to strangers and tell them your life story everyday 
                              Cause it seems like it
Honestly her parents are adults and are perfectly capable of finding jobs, it doesn't have to be the best but every penny counts... that could help with the expenses
101blehbitch 101blehbitch 2 days ago
Compared to most people your life isnt hard at all so be grateful for what you DO have i understand where she is coming from though 
                              I feel bad but i started laughing at the last sentence
-litqueen- -litqueen- Aug 11
Furlough : temporary leave of employees due to special needs of a company [wikipedia]
101blehbitch 101blehbitch 2 days ago
What did he do for you to call him that so far he has been super nice